Wednesday, March 22, 2023

An Ocean of Sound

 An Ocean of Sound

Having experienced the benefits of a monochord bed treatment many years ago at the Dome Centre in Alcalili Spain, on my International Sound Therapy training course, I knew that when the opportunity arose I was going to add an Octave Monochord Sound Bed to my Sound Therapy practice.

It arrived late in 2022 and is now set up in my therapy room.

It is a delight to play and also experience and a pleasure to see the amazing effect it has on my clients.

The quality of the instrument is wonderful the range of sound and vibration it produces is unworldly. One of my clients describing it as an “ocean of sound” and “like being enveloped by a comforting vortex of vibration”.

It’s definitely an extremely relaxing and strangely re-charging experience both at the same time! 

An opportunity for a complete mental and physical re-boot.

Here is a little taster of the Sound Treatments which are available for all to benefit from

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