Thursday, March 16, 2023

Reiki ~ Energy Balancing ~ Self Care


Have you ever wondered in those moments of feeling out of sorts, out of sync, out of balance what you could do to help you feel back in harmony once more?

Sometimes in life, we just feel like we are not quite ourselves ~ more many different reasons . . . even the full moon and our natural life cycles can do that. 

It's good to know that we are energy & vibration ~ so we can learn to balance this in a natural way. 

There are many terms for this subtle energy ~ universal life force ~ Prana ~ Chi ~ Ki ~ Mana ~ spiritual energy. There are also many helpful subtle energy practices & methods that can also help bring this into harmony too e.g. Yoga, Tai Chi, Qi Gong & Reiki.

All of which are practices that you can learn & do yourself.

As a Yoga Teacher Trainer & Reiki Master Teacher, I have been priviledged to guide & support many students into discovering helpful techniques to return a sense of equilibrium, grounding & inner balance ~ mentally, physically, emotionally & spiritually. It is all about bringing balance to the fullness of your being, not simply your physical body, but understanding that we are so much more than that . . . and so much more than our minds can possibly perceive. We have a subtle energy body, an auric energy field & many planes of our existence. All needing care, balance & harmony to be able to bring us gently back into our flow . . . to begin to feel back on track.

Everyone can learn to work with subtle energy & Reiki practices are supportive ways that can easily be integrated into a daily practise of self care & wellbeing.

So whatever is going on in your life right now, maybe exploring the first level of Reiki healing ~ which is all about self care & Self -Reiki ~ teaching you how to ground, how to clear your energy field, how to connect with Ki energy & receive it's healing essence, how to balance your chakras, & to learn some helpful Reiki Meditation & breathing techniques that you can do every day. 

If you are new to Reiki, then I fully recommend that you receive a Reiki treatment first before beginning your self healing path, so you can explore if that feels right for you.

Reiki is natural. It's a deeply relaxing & restorative treatment ~ & wonderful that you can also learn how to do this for yourself too.

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Once we know how to bring ourselves back into harmony again, then the ability to change is in our hands 💗

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