Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Stoptober Non-Smoking Support

For those of you who have chosen the Stoptober month of October 2014 as your time to Stop Smoking ~ then congratulations you are 1/4 of the way already there in readiness for National No Smoking Day!
Keep going!
Each and every smoke free day is a success . . . however big or small it might seem ~ remember that it is an achievement!
It is really positive reinforcement of being able to say "No" to each thought, craving or offering of a cigarette . . . and every time you do you should tell yourself "Well Done!" inside your head, to acknowledge it as a success.
We all need positive encouragement & reinforcement around change, to support more of it!
 Stopping smoking is a mindset, so create a strong supportive mindset that you can do it, you can keep going and become a non-smoker for yourself, for your family, for LIFE!
I encourage my client who come to see me for Hypnotherapy to Stop Smoking, to speak to as many ex-smokers that they know and discover how they did it . . . what was their biggest motivation . . . what helped them . . . what didn't help them . . . what advice and support can they give you . . . what benefits have they enjoyed since stopping smoking . . . all these thoughts and learnings may help you decide what it will be for you to mean that you can do it too!
* Have a clear strong motivation in your mind.
* Plan strategies of what you will do instead of smoking.
* Save up the money you would have spent, so you can see the result financially too.
* Have some sugar free mints to hand.
* Keep yourself busy.
* Notice the differences in health improvements to increase health motivation.
* Find other ways to relax ~ Tai Chi, Yoga, Meditation, Walking, Reading . . .
* Think of yourself as a non-smoker.
So with those in mind, may I wish every Stoptober participant every success and long may it continue throughout the rest of the year and beyond!

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Gardening for the Soul

Last year my husband Edd and I had the greatest pleasure of taking part in The Big Allotment Challenge ~ which is being screened on BBC2 8.00pm on Tuesday 15th April.

We had an amazing 4 months of tending a brand new allotment, creating, designing and growing in our own special style, amongst the other 8 wonderful teams taking part.

What a journey indeed . . . both of us being very keen gardeners with our home patch, growing and turning our produce into wonderful tasty meals, chutneys, jams, jellys, vinegars etc etc ~ we rose too the challenge of creating an allotment from nothing . . . to a tight time scale.

Gardening is truly good for your soul . . . it get's you in tune with nature, the seasons and brings a deep sense of grounding on all levels of beingness.
Edd and I have planted by the phases of the moon, following Biodynamic Gardening calendars for around 5 years now, which is such a beautiful way of planting organically.
As a Cognitive Hypnotherapist, Reiki Master and Integral Yoga teacher I wholeheartedly encourage my clients and students to find their connection with nature to help them find a sense of balance in their lives. Gardening can help to reduce stress, anxiety and depression ~ supporting a deeper sense of wellbeing on all levels of being ~ physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.
And what can be even nicer than nurturing plants, being outdoors and enjoying nature ~ but to then grow things you can eat and enjoy seasonally and organically, just as you'd like them to be.
You just can't beat the flavours and freshness of picking your own produce that you have tended throughout the year.

So enjoy the show and be inspired to grow something new yourselves too!
Whatever size garden, patio, allotment or even on a windowsill you can always grow something ~ whether flowers, herbs, fruits or veggies all can bring you such a deep sense of achievment having sown and grown it yourself.

Happy National Gardening Week . . .

Om Shanti

Harshani and Edd