Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Stoptober Non-Smoking Support

For those of you who have chosen the Stoptober month of October 2014 as your time to Stop Smoking ~ then congratulations you are 1/4 of the way already there in readiness for National No Smoking Day!
Keep going!
Each and every smoke free day is a success . . . however big or small it might seem ~ remember that it is an achievement!
It is really positive reinforcement of being able to say "No" to each thought, craving or offering of a cigarette . . . and every time you do you should tell yourself "Well Done!" inside your head, to acknowledge it as a success.
We all need positive encouragement & reinforcement around change, to support more of it!
 Stopping smoking is a mindset, so create a strong supportive mindset that you can do it, you can keep going and become a non-smoker for yourself, for your family, for LIFE!
I encourage my client who come to see me for Hypnotherapy to Stop Smoking, to speak to as many ex-smokers that they know and discover how they did it . . . what was their biggest motivation . . . what helped them . . . what didn't help them . . . what advice and support can they give you . . . what benefits have they enjoyed since stopping smoking . . . all these thoughts and learnings may help you decide what it will be for you to mean that you can do it too!
* Have a clear strong motivation in your mind.
* Plan strategies of what you will do instead of smoking.
* Save up the money you would have spent, so you can see the result financially too.
* Have some sugar free mints to hand.
* Keep yourself busy.
* Notice the differences in health improvements to increase health motivation.
* Find other ways to relax ~ Tai Chi, Yoga, Meditation, Walking, Reading . . .
* Think of yourself as a non-smoker.
So with those in mind, may I wish every Stoptober participant every success and long may it continue throughout the rest of the year and beyond!