Sunday, February 28, 2010

Back pain Its all in the mind say scientists

A recent article in the Daily Telegraph (front page Friday the 26th of February) suggests that back pain might be all in the mind and sufferers should seek psychological help, researchers have suggested. This is following a comprehensive piece of research by Sarah Lamb professor of rehabilitation at Warwick University. During the research 468 patients were given six sessions of cognititve bahavioural therapy in a group situation and 233 were not. Those receiving therapy recorded twice as large a fall in their pain and disability the findings were published in the LANCET. The scientists believed that the therapy worked by changing the way that the patients felt. This following a recent article on pain in the Times where a professor of anesthesia at Oxford University was quoted as saying that "for too long pain has been seen as sensory when really it is an emotion".Hypnosis & Timeline, Therapy, are really effective interventions in dealing with emotions that are not working to our advantage. It is possible to feel real immediate benefits of reduced pain and also in the longer term dependence on medication.
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Monday, February 22, 2010

Sahasrara Consultancy - Hypnotherapy in Northants: 8 out of 10 men out of shape?

Sahasrara Consultancy - Hypnotherapy in Northants: 8 out of 10 men out of shape?

8 out of 10 men out of shape?

8 out of 10 men out of shape?

A recent report in the Times states that adult obesity is expected to rise sharply by 2020. Eight of ten men and almost seven in ten women will be overweight, so it says.

The study, led by Professor Klim McPherson, of the University of Oxford, uses figures from 1993 to 2007 to predict future levels of obesity in England. It says that about 41 per cent of men aged 20 to 65 will be obese by 2020 and 40 per cent will be overweight; 36 per cent of women will be obese and 32 per cent will be overweight.

Quite alarming, don’t you think? Especially as we only have to put on the TV or open a magazine these days to be told that obesity has a direct correlation with serious health issues.

I mean it’s not surprising that the government is promoting ‘Change 4 Life’ encouraging us to eat well, move more and live longer. After all, these are simple, basic rules that can benefit everyone. And take the strain off our already over-stretched NHS.

What’s more, the British Heart Foundation has just launched its ‘BEAT’ code – ‘Be active, Eat healthily, Avoid smoking, and Take the lifestyle check’ (you have to go onto their website to do the last bit). They recommend that people take time to indulge in healthy activities that can lift their mood, whilst trying to keep established risk factors under control.

So why do so many people find it so hard to keep control of their weight? Well, if we’re honest, we all know what we should or shouldn’t be doing but sometimes something inside prevents us from actually doing it. It could be that we’ve learned behaviours as a result of past events in our lives. Often negative behaviours that reinforce our beliefs about something.

This means even if we think we are motivated to lose weight and exercise more, something inside will be sabotaging our efforts. In short, the conscious mind will be saying something positive and the unconscious mind contradicting it. The good news – Cognitive hypnotherapy can change this.

It can help you feel much more relaxed, not only about food, diet and nutrition, but about yourself. Moreover, it can help teach your unconscious mind to speak the same language as your conscious one!

You will find then yourself making better choices all round. You can say goodbye to yo-yo dieting and all those past disappointments and ‘hello’ to a happier, healthier you.

So don’t be one of the statistics that Professor McPherson warns us about. If – or one of your loved ones – want to take control of your weight once and for all, just give us a call. Or click here to find out details of your nearest SlimQuest class.

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