Monday, October 31, 2011

There's nothing to Fear on Halloween!

Halloween has become a time of year when it's okay to be afraid of whatever goes bump in the night! Dressing up in spooky clothing and dripping in blood, seems to be entertainment in some places . . . but what if those fears are real fears. Then it can make some people feel really vulnerable.
There's simply no need to live in fear of anything or anyone, we all deserve more than that and we all deserve to feel peaceful and happy in ourselves. Or shall we say "feeling comfortable in our skin".

So, go and seek some help or advice, as there are many very effective techniques out there through Neuro Linguistic Programming, Emotional Freedom technique and Thought Field Therapy, which means that your worst fears can be a thing of the past.
Visit for further information on creating change today.
. . . and have a 'Happy' Halloween!

Best wishes, Lori

Monday, October 24, 2011

Clear Your Head of Clutter!

Just think for a moment of how much "stuff" we carry around as clutter in our minds . . . all the jobs we are doing; are yet to complete; yet to even start . . . all our personal worries and concerns . . . all of our worries and concerns about friends/family/colleagues etc etc etc . . . wow, the lists can be never ending!
And then . . . if you read the newspapers and listen to the radio, then there's even more chance of other stuff going in too! No wonder some people find it hard to switch off and get to sleep at the end of their day!!!

So, what to do ?

Maybe just doing a very simple task of writing the "stuff" down on a piece of paper (or pieces, depending on how much there is!) . . . and then analysing it's degree of importance to you and re-writing 2 lists ~ one as an action plan of what, when & how you are going to do each of those things ~ and tick them off as they come to a conclusion for you. The other list is for all the things which are out of your control and you have no effect on ~ which means it's someone elses "stuff" and you can let it move on from cluttering your mind.
Even if you just move a couple of things on each week, then that means you can sleep better at night and focus your mind on the things that you can effect in your life.

Let me know how it goes!
Good luck de-cluttering

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Share a Smile with Others!

Smiling is good for you!

It releases positive endorphines into your blood stream and lifts your spirit.
When you smile at others, it becomes a natural unconscious reaction to smile back, which always makes you feel good to see others smiling too!

So . . . over the next few days, just smile at others you meet along the way during your day and brighten someone elses day!

Happy smiling . . .

Thursday, October 13, 2011