Tuesday, March 23, 2010

National No Smoking Day 2010

National no smoking day 2010 has come and gone once again. Lots of help is available for those smokers out there who are thinking about change and wishing to lead a healthier and wealthier lifestyle by choosing not to smoke.
Contact your local GP or pharmacist to see what is on offer from help groups to nicotine patches. As an alternative why not book an appointment on our change your smoking habit programme , its chemical free, its wonderfully relaxing, and fully supports your lifestyle change. You could seriously affect your health and wealth why wait until national no smoking day day 2011 make a positive change now !!! A 20 a day habit can cost £42.00 per week;in real terms a smoker has to earn £61.00 per week before tax to be able to afford a 20 a day habit or a staggering £3726 per year!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Holographic Brain

I picked up a book this week off the bookshelf off my "unread pile" called Imagery and healing by Jeanne Achterberg: a fascinating look at shamanism and modern medicine.It really gets to the heart of what is understood about shamanic practices and the relationship with western modern medical practices. An area of neuroscience which I had looked at at whilst studying for my masters degree is discussed which is that of the holographic brain. A fascinating subject, in particular in relation to hypnosis. The holographic model begins to resolve some of the brain behaviour paradoxes those that relate too the storage of memory and its retrieval. That,if the brain indeed operates like that of a hologram it is unnecessary to have leg to process leg information it is only necessary to have once had a leg or even thought about having a leg. The brain sets up patterns of storage. Similarly in the context of body boundaries: where do I begin and end? According to the holographic model we have a choice, so say for instance I decided to hug my wife from over 100 mile away my holographic brain begins to recreate what I have experienced about this event; the physical sensations, the emotions, and the symbols I have idiosyncratically adopted all of which are stored without reference to time and space . The image if strong enough will recreate the whole situation in my being. Karl Pribram who proposed the holographic model suggests that "imagery and feelings are like ghosts -but they are ghosts which inhabit my own and my patients subjective worlds they are our constant companions and I want to explain them" suggesting that words and behaviour are not enough to explain without recourse to a map IE an image of some sort. He goes on to say that when images are regarded in the holographic manner their omnipotent influence on physical function logically follows and that the image the behaviour and the physiological associations are a unified aspect of the same phenomenon. That is the the extant to which change can take place in the body and mind depends upon how much activity there is at the neural junctures and how many patterns are activated or in other words the belief system. If you do not believe that you have the ability to consciously effect mental and physical change with the imagination then you never even try! Healing requires work both physical and mental ; it does not happen accidentally. So lets just say for example a person was feeling stressed and anxious ; it would make sense to form an image of the body being relaxed and calm , and the precise body functions that would be required to bring that about so to attending to the breath, breathing deeply releasing tension in the muscles, remembering a time when they were completely calm and relaxed activates the neural patterns that are required to bring this about. This is where hypnosis and timeline therapy can be immensly helpful in allowing the mind to remember that it has all the resources required within to effect change in a postitive and meaningful way.
Best Wishes

Friday, March 5, 2010

Uptight,Feeling Stressed & Anxious?

A lot has been written in the press of late about the negative effects of feeling stressed and anxious both on the mental body and the physical, manifesting itself in many different and often unpleasant ways (see the Times Mind Body & Soul March 2.) Here are 5 simple tips that any one can do to help reduce those feelings

1.Take 4 or 5 deep breaths with the full capacity of your lungs using the diaphragm just like a baby breathes!

2.Tense all the muscles in the body....... hold that tension for a 2nd or two.... and then relax repeat the process 4 or 5 times

3.Sitting upright in a chair focusing the eyes straight in front imagine the points on a clock face, starting at 12 oclock move the eyes only round clockwise to 1 oclock, 2 oclock, 3oclock, till 12 oclock is reached then reverse the process anti clock wise breathing steadily all of the time repeat this process 4 or 5 times.

4. Go for a short walk,walking steadily and rhythmically again taking notice of the breath.

5.Place a pen or pencil width ways in the mouth gripping gently in the teeth then making an eeeeeh sound..... smile and hold that for a few 2nds... then repeat again 4 or 5 times (this is best done in private in front of a mirror for obvious reasons!!)

You may want to try just one of these techniques or any of them in combination. Hypnosis and Timeline therapy are excellant interventions for helping to "get to the bottom" of what is the underlying reason for feeling this way.
Best Wishes