Thursday, September 27, 2012

Take a Moment to Clear your Head

The majority of people spend their lives rushing from A to B knowing they still need to do C & yet D E and F are also somewhere in the back of their minds pending attention whenever it appears. . . so just forget about the rest of the alphabet as it just won't happen!
We might be thinking of our shopping list whilst going round the supermarket and somehow our minds get drawn off to other places, people, thoughts which draw our attention away from what we are doing . . . like those times when you've thought you've got all the shopping that you went for, only to find that once you've got back home the very thing you needed you forgot!

We have so much "stuff" going on in our heads, you wonder why it doesn't explode somehow. No wonder stress is a common phrase that gets repeated time and time again. When we're overly busy we're "stressed" and for some even being under-busy with nothing to fill their lives they feel "stressed' simply by the fact that they should be as busy as everyone else!

Our thoughts that we hold and carry around with us can start to build up into a cluttered space . . . where we can't even think clearly or focus on one thing at a time . . . to actually finish some of the "To Do List Jobs" so we can clear those thoughts and leave space for the next one to arise.

Just like when we clutter clear our homes or work desk . . . that feeling of creating space . . . a sense of relief that you have room to think or even dare I say relax. . . it helps to take the pressure off . . . we feel healthier in a less cluttered space. Not just physically but mentally too.

So if you think about it the clutter in our minds and thoughts is mental clutter, just like physical clutter around us. So to sort out the mind stuff, to clutter clear what you no longer need or find useful, to move on from the past and let things go . . . will give you more clarity of mind, clarity of who and how you want to be . . . creating an inner healthier space to live with = less stress!

There are many ways to clear our minds of clutter:~
  • Practising Meditation
  • Practising Mindfulness to be present with what you are doing
  • Hypnotherapy to help shift patterns/habits of unhelpful thoughts
  • Writing things down and prioritising importance
  • Delegate some of the "jobs" to others
  • Take action and start to change things
  • Set clear realistic goals to work towards
  • Sing, smile and feel lighter in your mind
  • Talk to someone
The old saying goes "A problem shared is a problem halved" ~ so talking to someone often helps take the weight off your mind and can help you work out ways of resolving problems and work towards the solutions. I highly recommend that you clear your clutter . . . you might even surprise yourself to experience moments of peace of mind . . . just imagine how lovely that would be? . . .

Monday, September 24, 2012

Stage Fright on the Night

For some people it doesn't matter how experienced they are or how long they have performed on stage, for them those first night fears appear time and time again.
It's important to acknowledge that a little bit of fear is sometimes a good thing . . . it helps us to perform at our very best . . . to draw upon resources from deep within us . . . our inner strength, our determination, our motivation . . . all of these elements help us to stand up and put what we know to the test . . . to step in front of the spot lights and conquer our fears.

But when fears limit us and we become the "rabbit caught frozen in the headlights" it no longer helps us but hinders us. The experience of stage fright can be one of those moments when the world ceases to exist, you want to be swallowed up, your heart races, words don't seem to come out right, you can't wait for the curtain to come down . . . for it to all be over.

The audience however can sit in awe, admiration, they don't feel the fear or are even aware of the actors fears . . . they might even wish they had enough guts to do what those on stage are doing. How different our worlds are . . . how different we think, feel and behave . . . how different we think others think . . . it's all our own perception, our own projection of the world around us.

Thoughts can change, perceptions can change, our experience of our reality can change too . . . what if through tapping into the positive side of the stage fright adrenaline rush we could channel it into a more useful supportive internal experience of excitement . . . just like that butterflies in the stomach feeling when we are looking forward to some thing special . . . like walking down the isle or winning an award. Therapeutic Hypnosis as in the model of Cognitive Hypnotherapy can most certainly help lessen the negative side of fear and maintain the excitement of the stage performance.

So be curious at just what it might be that Cognitive Hypnotherapy can help you with to make the moment you step on stage the best thing in the world, that you want to harness and enjoy time and time again. . . the differences it could make to your career . . . your stage presence . . . as you confidently perform at your very best. . . you'll never know until you try it for yourself. . .

Friday, September 21, 2012

Laugh at Mistakes . . .

How do you see the world around you?

We can all see the world in different ways, so maybe when something at first may appear to you as a 'Mistake' then perhaps to someone else it's not . . . it could be the perfect opportunity to learn, develop, change and improve.

Now there is a thought . . . what if a mistake is simply a 'miss take' . . . something which means we can do it again and again, but maybe tweek to a different way . . . just like in acting, the phrase that comes to mind is "That's a Take!" . . . when the action is just right and the results have been shot/filmed just as the director anticipated them in his/her mind. 

So all we need to do it keep practising, tweeking until the results are a "Take".
So practise feeling lighter about a mis-take, it's nothing right or wrong, just different!
And even better than that, if you can learn to laugh at your mistakes, then it helps you move through them even quicker.
Laughter is the best therapy of all.
When we can laugh at ourselves, in a light hearted way, then we can begin to see the fun side of life. Then life can be fun, a joy to enjoy!

We can laugh at our mistakes, and discover what it was we 'missed' until through practising it again with the missing part included it becomes the "Take".

Practise . . . practise . . . practise . . . laugh and have fun . . . eventually you will get there (wherever there maybe for you!) . . . and the best thing of all is that as you're learning how to get there, you can enjoy the journey and have fun too.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

The Possibility of Change is all in your Hands

Today I turned over one of my positive thoughts for the day and affirmation cards which read . . .

"Anything that bothers you is only a problem within. Only You can experience it, and only You can correct it."

The affirmation that went with that was "I work on my problems, and then I release them"

It's quite true that we can only experience things from our own point of view, we can imagine how others might think or feel, but they will have their inner experiences and you have yours.
So when you find something that bothers you, no matter what it is, the real place to work through it is by looking within ourselves at what we run through our minds, our thoughts, our beliefs, our values, and how they make us behave, feel, respond in many different ways (some we like and some we don't like!).

So next time you're faced with something that bothers you, take a moment to stop and reflect on what is your experience of it, what does it bring your attention to within yourself . . . what do you like and what do you dislike . . . all being just our personal point of view . . . our perception at that moment in time.

Remember that a problem is only a problem if you make it one!

These things we create as problems, are often there to help us learn, change, and develop as a person. Resistance to change is futile, as the thing that bothers you will simply keep popping up in many different ways, showing it's many different colours within you, until you've learnt what you needed to learn, embraced those learning and changed how you see things.
The only person who stops you from changing is you. . . and only you can do it.
Yes, you can have support and guidance but ultimately you need to do the doing.

I support and guide my Cognitive Hypnotherapy clients through change everyday, helping them to realise just what it is within them that holds them back, and them guide them through releasing it in whatever way is right for them. Simply knowing that there are things within yourself you want to change and are ready to change and move them on is the first step to taking action . . .
the possibility of change is always within your hands.  

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Making all the Positive Differences Count

When it comes to making changes or working towards a goal, things tend to add up in many different ways. Sometimes you might not think that you are getting very far, but it's all the little things that count, that can add up to making a bigger difference in the end.
So when you work towards your goals it's not just about what you do, but also what you think and feel too.
If your thoughts are not in the right place, supporting the changes, then it can become an obstacle which can sometimes prevent you from achieving your very best. The saying goes, that "what you think so becomes" . . . so always start off by getting your mind into gear . . . believing in what you are wanting to do . . . knowing that it will happen . . . imagining what it will be like once you have already achieved it. . . all of these thoughts creating good positive feelings inside yourself . . . all of those positive feelings motivating and helping you move through the changes too.

Often we can get too wrapped up in what we haven't done yet, focusing too much on what is still to be done . . . rather than looking at just how far you have already come and the positive differences these changes have made. . . getting you back into a forward flow towards your goals. Every step counts, anything more than nothing is a success, however big or small, they all add up in the end towards being closer to the end results.

See what you can do today which is a positive step for you in the right direction of where you most want to be!