Monday, April 3, 2023

A Weekend Spent Bowling


A Weekend  Spent Bowling

Harshani and I have had a great weekend playing with Tibetan singing bowls.  

A selection of which we have had especially imported from Nepal by a friend of ours in time for our 'Singing Bowls PlayShop' Day at the Field of Healing in Bythorn, Cambridgeshire ~ on Sunday 4th June. Full details & bookings for this day can be found at

Singing bowls have become very popular in recent times in the West. 
t is thought singing bowls (which can also be called healing bowls) can be traced back to Asia as early as 2000 BC.
They are said to
 have had many uses: as a cooking utensil; an offering bowl; for meditation purposes; relaxation; space cleansing, and also healing. A really good quality bowl, old or new, however has many ringing tones or overtones , so it’s thought unlikely a good quality bowl was used for cooking!

Harshani  and I have personally used Tibetan Singing Bowls for meditation  and sound healing for many years now, and find that they are unique in the way that that they stimulate and heal the mind and body in a very gentle yet powerful way.

Much myth and legend exists around Singing bowls, what was their original purpose? 
s a new bowl better than an antique bowl?
My own view is that it is a matter of budget and personal belief, as some antique bowls are incredibly expensive and not always the genuine real deal, but have been made to look aged!

Of course it is possible  that some antique bowls have an added spiritual element and may have been originally made and used by Llamas in Tibet centuries ago. However, my personal view is that new bowls can sound just as good as an antique bowl and there is absolutely  nothing to stop you consecrating your own bowl for spiritual purposes any way.

Usually singing bowls are made of an alloy containing 7 different metals ~ connected to the 7 astrological planets. A good quality bowl creating a wide  range of sounds and overtones.
The seven metals are gold = Sun,
  silver = Moon,  iron = Mars, tin = Jupiter , Lead = Saturn. The size, width, weight, color/ patina and composition of the bowl are all variables ~ which means that each bowl in itself  is unique and each bowl plays and sounds slightly differently. There are also many  regional differences in manufacture and decoration.

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