Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Finding Balance and Getting it Just Right

How good is your sense of balance?
Can you stand on one leg in a steady pose in a calm and comfortable manner?
How does being able to control your balance help you in your life?

All of these questions and more you can discover at my next Yoga Workshop Day which is centered purely around yoga balance postures (Asana's).  

Being balanced is not just a physical thing, where you can shift your weight from one leg to the other whilst maintaining steadiness ~ it's also about mental awareness, finding a focus point, developing your concentration, and quietening your mind and mental chitter chatter that goes on often unconsciously. The thing with the mind is, that it's mostly in those quiet contemplative, meditative moments when you realise just how much constant inner dialogue is going on. Learning to work through a standing physical balance helps concentrate the mind so keenly that the thoughts can eventually drop away more and more. Balances can bring about an incredible inner peace, whilst the body is strong and steady. When your mind is all over the place then your balance is likely to be wobbly and unsteady. So balanced mind = balanced body and that can flow into your life too!

Standing yoga balances can help strengthen your bone density; develop your core strength in your abdominals; help balance the left and right side of your brain; help develop your concentration skills and sharpen your mental focus (which aids studying, work, exams etc); increases the quality of patience and acceptance; and help you tackle some of life's natural obstacles in a more positive manner.

So if you want to discover the benefits of yoga balance postures then drop into your local yoga class or come and join Harshani in Islip, Northamptonshire on Saturday 19th October.
To find out more or book your place, please visit www.mindbodywellbeing.co.uk