Friday, December 30, 2022

Saying Goodbye to 2022

         Saying Goodbye to 2022

As 2022 begins to draw to it's finale, it's always a good time to reflect upon what positives you can take from throughout the year. Everyday is different, every year is different . . . nothing stays the same.

It's helpful to review all the positive aspects, all the learnings, discoveries & challenges you have been able to overcome or draw strength from.

These become your foundation for flowing into the New Year.
Things we can now begin to put in practice, all we have learnt . . . to help us progress, develop & mature in new & different ways. 

So just let go of what you no longer need from 2022 and focus on what positive new steps will move you into the new 2023 ahead.

As you let go, then more space is created for fresh new thinsg to come instead.

Happy reflection, will inspire a Happy New Year

Many Blessings
Harshani & Edwin


Wednesday, March 16, 2022

New Healing Intentions


Life Moves on, Nothing stays the same, everything changes all the time.
So why do we get so stuck, unable to move on from the past & get so weighed down by life itself.
What our beautiful minds choose to focus on, we begin to manifest in our reality.
We need to have compassion towards our mind, especially when it gets stuck & keeps turning over the same worries, anxieties & negative experiences.
These can change, with patience, compassion, awareness, understanding, wisdom & forgiveness ~ healing can be possible. It is part of nature, we are simply vibration & everything ultimately is an energy of vibration too ~ so as nature shows us the way of change & difference, so too can we learn to flow with this too.
The deepest roots in healing are embedded in pure unconditional love.
That same unconditional Divine Love is there for us all, but requires complete Faith, Belief & Trust