Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Get Slim for Spring!

This time of year we all make our New Year's resolutions . . . or do we!!!
Sometimes the thought of past failures just makes us give up at the first hurdle ~ especially around weight loss & food!
If every year just becomes a vicious cycle of dieting, slimming & putting it all back on again, then maybe this year you are ready to break this mould & change how you do things . . . & lose weight with less stress & concerns around failure.

To find out more visit www.slimquest.co.uk & read all about changing un-helpful food habits & behaviours ~ replacing them with positive helpful ones!

The next 6 week SlimQuest course in Kettering starts on Thursday 27th January 2011 from 7pm - 8pm ~ & get over the first hurdle with ease!