Thursday, May 17, 2012

Time and Tide Wait for no Man (or Woman!)

Where does the time fly to?

I'm finding myself contemplating this time and time again . . . we are now in May and almost half way through the year ~ which just makes me want to enjoy every moment of every day and every hour.
So do we actually take stock of ourselves and our lives in this way ~ or do we let the days and weeks go by, until we are suddenly planning Christmas again with another year closing.

2012 is an eventful year, we have the Queen's Diamond Jubilee, the Olympics and Para-Olympics throughout the summer ~ so often they say that time flies when we are having fun . . . . so just take some time out during all the fun to be in the moment . . . to simply step back and smile at just being with family and friends . . . to sit in awe of our Golden Olympians ~ no matter what nation they are from . . . and just remember that their moment of glory accumulates from years of hard work, dedication and devotion to their practise.

What a wonderful thing to achieve . . . all are champions . . . yet only 3 get medals . . . all are champions for sure!

Lets just draw upon some of their motivation and belief . . . to achieve the greatest moments . . . and make the most of our lives during 2012!

As Nike say "Just Do It !"