Thursday, November 22, 2012

The Beauty of Friendship

How very special to know you have friends ~ whether you can count them all on one hand or many, it really doesn't matter ~ but what if we could think wider . . . or even wider than that?

What if everyone could become an image of friendship . . . and creating that all started within ourselves?

Today, I'd like to share the beautiful inspirational teachings of Sri Swami Satchidananda from his book of daily readings called "The Golden Present": ~

Become a Friend
           You don't make a friend. You become a friend. Then you automatically will have friends.
If you relate to people in a very friendly, affectionate way, by loving and caring, sharing and helping, then naturally they will see you as a good friend. When they see you as a good friend, then they become your friends. It begins with you. You should always try to do something nice for people. 
Never hurt anyone's feelings. The secret is to always look for opportunities to help others; look for ways to be nice to them. Sometimes they might even be nasty to you; if so, ignore it, forget it. Maybe that is the way they are; but we should be nice to them. Even if someone says, "Oh, you're a fool," you should say "Thank you." Don't retaliate with the same kind of words. Soon they will get tired of all that. Afterwards, they will even feel ashamed.
         The great sage, Thiruvalluvar said that if people do something wrong to you or hurt you, do something really good for them in return. That is the best punishment. Why? Because they will be so embarrassed to have done that to you. It is in our hands. We can always make friends with anyone and everyone if we have the right attitude. If we have the patience and understanding.

So as your day today comes towards a close, try to see how many friendships you can create around you and the next day and the next and the next. . .

Peace of mind, starts within.
Healing starts within.
Wellbeing starts within.

It's all in your hands to create change and others are there to help, guide and support you along the way too.

Om Shanti Shanti Shanti

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Be Kind to Each Other Today!

National Kindness Day ~ Tuesday 13th November 
A Nation spreading kindness! Tuesday November 13th is not just a National Day of Kindness but a World Kindness Day, so let us all embrace it across our Nation, Counties, into all of our towns & villages, it’s a wonderful thing which everyone can do . . . to be mindful of showing some extra kindness towards others & it doesn’t cost a penny! The many benefits of the effects of being kind have been extensively researched at how kindness can increase our personal happiness. One of my favorite writers on the benefits of kindness is Dr David Hamilton PhD “Why Kindness is Good for You”, so as well as it making us feel happier inside, the increased emotional warmth releases the positive ‘cardioprotective’ hormone Oxytocin which can help our hearts by reducing blood pressure, it can slow down the aging process as there is a strong link between showing compassion & activity in the Vagus Nerve, which also helps to regulate the heart rate & controls inflammation in the body, it improves our relationships & it becomes contagious like a ripple effect acting kinder towards others inspires them to feel much kinder too!
In my Cognitive Hypnotherapy practice I often explore many ways to help clients explore this feel good factor, so they can increase their personal wellbeing & happiness. So I suggest doing some ‘Random Acts of Kindness’ ~ everyday to look for 3 different ways to do a random act of kindness towards some one else, so here are some of them which I challenge us all to do:~
·      Hold a door open for someone
·      Pay someone a nice compliment
·      Surprise someone with a cup of tea
·      Make a lovely meal for a loved one or friend ~ especially if this is not the norm!
·      Smile as you pass people in the street
·      Clean someone’s car for them
·      Give up your seat to another on the bus/train/tube
·      Offer to help someone who might be struggling ~ either crossing the road or carrying heavy bags
·      See what you could do to help a neighbour
·      Be kind to yourself too
Remember that being kind is in thought, spoken word & deed, so everything counts in the happiness factor. Enjoy the kindness of each other today, it may start a ripple effect across the world for weeks to come!

 Please feel free to share some kindness stories here today . . .
Have a beautiful day today!