Thursday, October 22, 2009

Exercise? a fat lot of good if you want to lose weight

At our practice in Northamptonshire nr kettering I am sat reading an article in the Times by Helen Rumbelow regarding new research that has discovered that exercise is not the universal panacea to losing weight. That's not to say that exercise isn't good for you as it has been well researched that exercise can reduce depression, heart disease, some cancers, diabetes, increase muscle mass, increase bone density to mention a few benefits of a healthy exercise regime.
Its the "thorny" question of weight loss. In 1932 Russell Wilder a leading obesity expert lectured the American college of Physicians saying that his patients lost more weight on bed rest than on an exercise regime. The article describes several studies in America which have found that it is obesity that is leading to inactivity not the other way round. It has been found that diet (not dieting) is the key to effective weight loss. Interestingly on BBC3 yesterday evening a programme featured the amount of hidden sugar in our food; the recommended daily intake being around 60gs of sugar for an adult which was exceeded just by eating a Big Mac. Statistical evidence has demonstrated that supermarkets promote "junk food" more often and more aggressively than healthy foods and inferred that the responsibility is on the purchaser of the food to read labels and understand the amount of hidden sugar in it. I agree to a point, we do need to be individually more responsible for our diet and exercise, however I do think that supermarkets have to play their part considering that they are responsible for supplying over 70% of the food that we consume and consumers will literally eat what is put in front of them. We have found that using a blend of hypnosis and other techniques has been hugely successful in allowing our clients to gain control of their diets,enabling them to lose weight safely and in their own time without resorting to "giving anything up" by increasing their motivation to change their lifestyles and supporting the emotional issues that many have over eating. As well as seeing clients individually regarding weight issues we are about to offer a new service which you can book onto now, called Slim Quest it will offer a group environment for a 6 week programme of motivation and support without dieting or weekly weigh ins

Monday, October 12, 2009

How We Talk To Ourselves

Walking around our garden at our premises in Northamptonshire where we practice as Hypnotherapists using hypnosis to help others create change in their lives.
I was talking away to myself inside my head and making a list of gardening jobs which needed my attention and being a little cross with myself because something I had planned had not worked properly.Noticing that internal conversation and taking note of the tone of voice I was using, then noticing how I felt, then taking a moment or two to reflect on those thoughts.It occurred to me do we listen often enough to how we talk to ourselves? How can the tone and quality of what we say to ourselves (in other words our internal dialogue) impact on our lives in both a positive and negative sense?
Consider this statement
by considering that statement and listening honestly to your own inner voice how do you talk to you? How does what you say to yourself impact on the way you think and others think of you? How do you feel, and how do others feel about you?
At Sahasrara in Northamptonshire we use Hypnosis,and Hypnotherpeutic interventions to help create change, enabling our clients use their internal voice to have a positive and motivated effect on themselves and others.Change is an option available to everyone! In the words of the Jedi you do or do not - their is no try -just do it contact Sahasrara today and boook your hypnosis session.