Tuesday, February 21, 2023

Never think of giving something up ~ always look for what you will gain


So . . . how do you look at life?

Do you see what you can't have? . . . or . . . Do you see what you already have or have gained?

Even as we land on Shove Tuesday as Lent ~ we can explore what we have too much in-excess of and what we might make a conscious choice of 'Giving up for Lent' ~ whatever that might be . . . chocolate, alcohol, caffeine, smoking, meat, eggs. 

But it's good to look deeper into how even having a break away from something you always have (or sometimes habitually have too much of . . .) that concept alone is good for our mind, body & soul.

Review . . . Reflect . . . Reset . . .

A sense of appreciation of other things . . . enjoying more savoury and less sweets/chocolates . . . the ability to take stock of our food choices or lifestyle and make changes for the better. . . the ability to take a break and re-evaluate diet/lifestyle . . . the ability to be able to break any poor habits and re-gain our sense of inner control. 

There are so many gains and personal benefits that we will receive on making any changes in our lives, even if only for the 40 days of Lent . . . it all starts somewhere, and just like New Year for it's resolutions, Lent is another time to create positive change and have a fresh new approach.

So we invite you to make changes today, which may even benefit you for a lifetime or even just for 40 days out of your life. Small steps make big changes in the long run of life 👍

Look up through the tree of life and see what you may discover along the way.



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