Monday, May 15, 2023

The Big Allotment Challenge ~ Part 2 as it develops and grows


And so the plot began to develop . . . and the story continues

After lots of hard work to dig over & manure the soil in readiness for growing & planting conditions we created a potager style structure to begin to plan our organic & companion planting around.

We planned to underplant our roses with garlic & plant a wide variety of herbs and lavenders along the borders to encourage bees and wildlife onto our plot.

Nearly everything on our little allotment patch we grew from seed following a biodynamic calendar plan of when to sow, prick our seedlings & plant out. 

Here's what our greenhouse started to look like . . .

Quite joyfully chanting to our seeds as they were being sown . . .
        Using Reiki energy flow on the seeds and watering process. . . 
                Working with love . . . and watching everything begin to grow & florish . . .

We still had little idea of what the upcoming challenges were going to be, so we just had lots of fun sowing & growing a wide variety of herbs, fruits, flowers, root vegetables, beans, onions and sooooo much more. 

Each week when we went down was exciting to see how it was beginning to manifest into a mini amazonian festival of plants.

Next part will show how it florished . . . gardening is so good for the soul. 


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